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Mirage Waterfall

Strip at Night

Lion at MGM

Venetian Hall



Eiffel Tower

New York

Desert Passage

Tut's Tomb

M&M World

The Trip

The Excaliber
This is home base.

Perfect Day
Spring break (March) turned out perfect. Great weather and no traffic on the strip!

We went buffet-hopping and ended up eating like kings. In quantity if not always quality. These are from the Paris.

Sucker Herder
The strip is always well-stocked with beautiful girls, most are after your wad.

South Strip
The South end of the strip has grown a lot. A view from the Eiffel tower (see Paris below).

Venetian Artist
A charicaturist at the Venetian.

Buxom Hotel
Charles knows all the cool spots in Vegas. This is an unusual wall in Mandalay Bay.

Charles and Monkey
That's Charles on the right.

Monte Carlo Pub
The best thing about the Mnte Carlo is the brewpub. Top rate beer and a live band.

Holiday Inn Clown
The new face of the Holiday Inn.

Had too much?
In Vegas, the drinks are still free! even if you work at the MGM. exhibit.

Caesars Palace
Caesars seen from the Bellagio.

Say it Like it Is
That's why they have spell checkers. Shop here and you're fcuked!

A half second later and I would have caught a GREAT pose. Shucks.

Pussies Galore
What Charles was looking at while I was taking the showgirls picture :)

Holy Cow
The Holy Cow microbrewery and casino.

Holy Cow Lamps
"Stop taking pictures of the cows and drink your mango beer" - Charles

Tropicana Waterfall
The Tropicana no longer has birds. But I won a free ticket to the Follies Bergiere!

Right on the strip. Never noticed it before.

Treasure Island
View of the TI from across the street at the Venetian.

And on to the whirlwind tour of hotels and attractions...

Attractions I
Venetian, Bellagio, Stratosphere, Luxor, New York New York.

Attractions II
Downtown, Fremont Street, Lots of neon!

Attractions III
Monte Carlo, Desert Passage, Paris, Hard Rock, MGM Grand, Rio, Mirage, Coca-Cola World, M&Ms World.

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