WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get. It means simply that the diagram you see on the screen is an actual representation of what will appear on paper or on an exported graphic. The only difference is the quality of the output which will look better on high resolution output - but the layout will stay true. Pacestar was a pioneer in bringing this concept to graphical diagramming tools and we continue to be committed to this principle.
What it means to you is that you can edit your diagram in place as it really appears. It also means that most editing operations are accomplished with the mouse and with a minimum of menus, dialog boxes, and controls, leaving you less to learn and struggle with.
For example, using text mode, you can select and edit text right on your diagram, unlike some tools which force you to edit text by opening up a dialog box, saving it, and then seeing how it will look on your diagram. With our method, any changes that result are immediately obvious and you don't need to guess whether everything looks the way you want.
The diagram you see IS the diagram you get. If it doesn't look right, you know immediately and can make adjustments when it's easiest to do so.