Where it is:
North on 87, two miles past Fountain Hills. It's clearly marked from the highway. Admission is $13.95 for adults. (check New Times for coupons). Plan on 2-3 hours to see the park and shows.

Tiger Licks Paw
Big cats are the main attraction. The owners of the park get in the cages and play with them.

Wet Tiger
This tiger looks like he just woke up, but he really just took a dip.

Wet Tiger
This tiger looks like he just woke up, but he really just took a dip.

Peeking Out
This is a cute shot. Too bad I couldn't get it without the chain link fence.

No Fence Shot
This is a classic tiger portrait. It's just a bit out of focus due to difficulties getting the camera through the fence.

Shy Tiger
Actually, he's trying to hide his identity so he's not blamed for detroying the water jug.

Lion Behind Fence
The lions were awesome so they deserved a shot. Unfortunately I couldn't get one without the fence :(

Peaved Panther
This panther is mad at the trainer whose feeding a tiger.

White Tiger
Sound asleep now. I couldn't stay for the show.

Swimming Prairie Dog
Undeterred by his obvious disadvantages, Henry practices day and night to make the Tiger Splash show.

This lizard is a about two feet long. Not sure what kind.

Toucan Play at That

Macaws Kiss
Lips would help a lot!

White Python
This snake is very large (180 pounds, about 15 feet). After I got this shot from a foot away is when the trainer told us he could swallow a deer whole! I'll come back later.

It's five feet long, slithering through the water. Must be a gator.

Sorry to frighten you. It's just me the giant monitor lizard.

Tongue Shot
Aargh. 50 shots and this is the best one I could get of his foot-long tongue.

Snake Show
They let a group of kids into the pen to carry around this yellow anaconda.

Ophidiophobic Therapy
The trainer invites audience members who have a fear of snakes in for a quick session.

No Fear
Apparently it works. They get pretty friendly with him.

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