Welcome to my photologue. I'm new to photography and digital editing so this is a little project to get my feet wet. I've divided the site into pages based on subject matter. Each has thumbnails linked to 1024x768 full color photos. The originals are about four times that size but are too big to upload. Some have captions. My favorites are marked with a little red ribbon. Browse all you want!

Phoenix Zoo
A few snapshots from the zoo.

Wildlife World Zoo
I was blown away by my first visit to this awesome zoo on the west side.

Phoenix Insider Attractions
Some unusual attractions and sites in and around town.

Out of Africa
Out of Africa is an interactive wild animal park east of the valley.

Jack's Canyon (first rock climbing)
Beginner rock climbing trip to Jack's Canyon AZ., September 1, 2001

Phoenix Bouldering Contest
The big annual rock climbing event held April 7th, 2001 at Queen Creek Canyon in Superior, AZ.

MS Walk
Multiple Sclerosis walk March 31, 2001 through zoo and botanical garden.

Hummer Night
A romp in the hummer limousine.

Janice's Wedding
Pictures from Janice and Mike's wedding in Jamaica on 4/2/1.

Las Vegas Trip
Charles and I visit Las Vegas and check out the new hotels and attractions. March 2001.

Gingerbread-a-thon 2002
Gingerbread house craft night.

My Camera: I take photos with a Sony DSC-P1 digital camera. It has 3.3 mega-pixels of resolution, uses a lithium-ion rechargeable (Sony) battery, and Sony memory stick flash memory. I chose this camera because it was my favorite of the ultra-small models. It has lots of features, 3x optical zoom, great photo quality (especially outdoors), and longer battery life. It was a little pricier than others and may not be the best indoors and in low light conditions due to a weak flash, but that's apparently a common drawback of digital cameras and especially of smaller ones. I added three 64MB memory sticks (50-60 pictures at highest resolution - 2048x1600) and an extra battery so I can take two or three hundred shots over the course of a day without recharging (2 hrs per battery) or downloading (4 minutes per stick to USB port).