Gingerbread-a-Thon 2002

This year's craft night was a pre-holiday creativity extravaganza. The theme was Gingerbread
and Christmas. Some of the great craftors and craftesses gathered for an intense day-long
craft-fest. Returning from last year were founders Rachel and John, joined by newcomers
Debbie, Byron, Andrea, and Arathena. After squeezing ideas out of our brains like the
last drops of toothpaste from a tube, we got down to business. Rachel and Andrea
whipped out wreathes and other Christmas do-dads. The rest of us discovered
the nightmare that is gingerbread. The camera didn't come out until late so I
missed Arathena's risque 'topless' gingerbread house and all of Rachel
and Andrea's wreathwork. But when the frosting settled,
here's what was left in the craftermath...

The complete works 3am. Missing is Arathena's retractable roof Chalet.

Ginger Choo-choo
Andrea and Rachel decorated this prefab train.

Chez Debbie
Debbie started this one out, did a great job of baking it to spec...

Chez Byron
..but the design was flawed and it languished until Byron came to the rescue.

Byron's - Top
Roof is Neccos, Hershey's bars, Sno-Caps. Note dead Santa and Abominable snowman in yard!

Byron's - Rear
Cool chimney is made from Hershey's Cookies-n-Cream bars.

Chez John
My second gingerbread house. My first didn't get past prototype. Hey Mom. I baked the gingerbread!

John's - Front
Windows are Andeas mints. Door is Hersheys bar. Walkway is Neccos. Tree is frosted ice cream cone.

John's - Rear
Melting snowman, carmel-apple log pile, and well from "The Ring" complete with oozing blood!

John's - Top
Roof is frosted mini-wheats. Wreath is Nerds rope. Frog in pond is white and green Nerds on Green M&M. Starburst gifts.

Artistic Photo
Nightfall at the gingerbread lake :)

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