A Romp in the Hummer Limousine

The Gang
Annie Karine, Scott, Miranda, Charles, Robert and me took a stretch hummer limo out for a stylish night on the town.

Mirrored Ceiling
There's plenty of room. It seats 16 to 18!

Getting Married
Scott and Annie Karine are celebrating their upcoming wedding. Anyone know where to find a yellow stretch limo VW bug?

Gasing Up
First thing we had to do was get some gas. Hey! we're paying $250 an hour for THIS.

Driver Pumping Gas
Our driver pumped the gas. We had to squeegy the windows though.

The hummer gets a ton of attention. Here a couple of guys at the gas station are blown away to see the hummer pull up and ask to see inside.

Miranda's First Hummer
She looks right at home though. Could get used to this.

..but I wish Annie Karine had a better time :)

Another shot of the limo looking towards the front.

1200 Watts
The stereo is a $15,000 system with plenty of power to impress.

Charles Plays DJ
Of course we couldn't keep Charles from fiddling with the controls...

Bob Takes Control
...Bob with a creative solution.

On to the Cheesecake Factory for the best desert in town! It's a nice place but you can dress how you want when you arrive in a hummer!

Sugar Effect
Annie Karine finally lets her hair down.

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