MS Walk at Phoenix Zoo / Botanical Gardens March 31, 2001

When she learned that her brother Rick may have multiple sclerosis, Rachel organized
a team for this year's MS walk. As team captain, Rachel led the fundraising, earning
an Elite Feet award. Many of our friends contributed generously, and a group of us
did the actual walk. It was a well-organized event and loads of fun. Here are the photos...

The Desert Southwest branch of the NMSS did a great job of setting up the area for the a large number of people.

Big Crowd
The event attracted an enormous number of participants and volunteers. Here's one view of the crowd.

The Dragon
Our team stood out with these great custom T-shirts. From the left that's Bob, Rachel, Miranda, and Julie.

Other Teams
Several other teams showed their creativity as well, Paula's Pride who all had lion balloons.

Sparky Warms us Up
ASU's mascot Sparky showed up to help everybody get rowdy!

Getting Ready
Sparky leads some of the walkers in stretching exercises.

Ready to Go
Everybody's ready now. One last shot of the team.

And They're Off!
The leisurely six mile walk begins. We'll be pampered by volunteers for the whole two hours. Free food and drinks are everywhere.

A Sea of White
About 1600 people signed up for this year's walk, but it looks like more than that showed up.

Crossing the Bridge
We start by crossing over the pedestrian bridge on Priest.

The girls have dragon tails they made from the start ribbon.

Here They all Come

Peacock in the Zoo
The first part of the route was through the zoo. The animals were just waking up, like this white peacock.

The lion was roaring and pacing for us.

Grinding Corn
The girls stopped to prepare some lunch for us indian style in the Botanical Gardens. (yeah right :)

Finish Line
We reach the finish line and there's plenty of celebration. Also lots of ice cream, subs, pop, and activities.

Balloon Dragon
Alright! Another dragon. There's the MS T-shirt and pin that everyone gets for helping to raise money.

Team Shirt
Here's our team T-shirt as Miranda gets her face painted.

Miranda Gets a Butterfly

Rachel Gets a Frog

It's a Shar-Pei

And a Puppy

Miranda Pets the Puppy

Rachel Pets the Puppy
He's glad he came today too. Everyone had a good time.

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