This is the only place at THIS zoo where you'll find fake animals!

Cool Bird
One of many unusual and photogenic birds.

So close you could feed him your kids!

Notice, like a lot of these shots, No bars in the way!

Giraffe in your Face
Magnificent giraffe head, wow.

Most myths have a basis in reality. This is actually a Beisa Oryx.

Neverending Beak
A black horned-bill. "only bird that sounds like a pig throwing up" National Geographic

I couldn't get this shot from in the cage, liability concerns or something. But this is from only 5 ft.

Swan Family
These chicks hatched this morning. The zoo stages daily hatchings though some bizarre hormone regimen.

Petting Zoo, not Kissing Zoo
Aw... Can we take him home? Pleeeease?

Emu Phillips
This shot almost cost me a camera, or a nose.

Kangaroo Walk
In one of the walk-throughs. No barriers of any kind. I'm lobbying for a tiger walk through.

Laid Back Meerkat
I get the feeling the animals here are fairly comfortable.

Rare White Tiger
Notice, No Bars! Do not let your kids try this.

Wild Dog
Pepper, meet your match.

Monkey Couple

Kids Greet Bird
The little girl is apprehensive. She bolted out screaming in terror when the bird flew off.

Wallet still there? Good.

Head Rub
Soft and cuddly just like Morris

Playful Skirmish
Fierce-looking teeth for such as tiny guy.

Horned Beast
An antelope ...and the inspiration for the first corkscrew.

Cigarette Anyone?
Joe takes timeout for a discrete toke.

Classic Camel Shot
This zoo is full of humps. This is the only G-rated one.

Ostrich Head
Ostriches and Emus hate cameras! Couldn't get a shot without the chain-link fence.

It's nice to have an aquarium in the zoo as well.

Orange Fish
Bad shot but a lucky pose.

The zoo also has a reptile house with lots of lizards and snakes.

Lizard Escapee
This one got out of its cage and is ready to pounce on unsuspecting tourists.

Roan Antelope

An Addax (?)
The number of animals I didn't recognize was impressive. I could have learned something :(

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