Primate Humping
A couple of amorous baboons. I didn't ask what that guy in the foreground is up to.

Hamadrayas baboons grooming each other.

Eye Contact
Being stared down.

Caddy Shack
Looking for his shadow. Or is he looking out for Bill Murray?

Skull in Box
Why would this be on display at the zoo? I hope they didn't just neglect to feed it!

Humming Bird
I was surprised this came out so well without film.

Lioness on a Rock
At the Phoenix zoo, you're lucky if the animals are awake and in the open like this.

Was she expecting a photographer from playcub magazine?

Orange Flamingo
This flamingo is orange, I wonder if that's unusual.

Otter Drinking

Sleeping Rhino
This is usually as active as most zoo animals are during the day.

Toucan Sam
Does the smell of those pre-packaged moist towlettes remind you of Fruit Loops?

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